Wayne Gallman, RB, Clemson

Wayne Gallman - 2017 NFL Mock Draft

The Goods:

School: Clemson Position: RB Class: Junior Height: 6-1 Weight: 215 lbs Projected Draft Round: 2-4

Quick Quote:

“I can vouch for his tough running style, and I can understand how a running back could slide under the radar this season… He’s someone we’ll be keeping an eye on all season.  ” –Daniel Jeremiah

Scouting Report:

NFL Offenses are trending toward involving running backs more and more in the passing game, and with teams carrying a stable of running backs that share time. Gallman is an under the radar running back prospect that excels in the passing game. He is reliable with a very good set of skills, while not being elite in any particular facet of the game.  He takes care of the ball and understands how the position should be played- he is a patient, smart, and reliable player. Look for him to gain attention of teams after the initial run on elite running backs runs its course.

Video Highlights:

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