2017 DraftBlaster Ultimate Draft Guide

The 2017 NFL Draft is drawing closer and DraftBlaster has put together a collection of resources to prepare you. This isn’t just a collection of player profiles and a mock draft, but also in-depth articles on football schemes, positions, unique players, and important trends in the game to keep an eye while watching the draft. To start it off, we have put together our:

2017 NFL Draft Cheat Sheet of Knowledge

Know Your Offense:

NFL Offenses – The Rule Change That Gave Birth To Modern Football

Spread Offense College Quarterback Issue

How Important Is The Run Game?

Offensive Line Schemes: Zone, Man (Angle), Gap

Know Your Defense:

NFL Defenses – 3-4 vs. 4-3 Positional Differences, Man, Zone Concepts

Big Nickel, Super Safeties, and Defending 12 Personnel

Breaking Down Key Players in the Draft:

2017 NFL Draft Matchup Players

2017 NFL Mock Draft Sleepers and Fast Risers

NFL Draft – Most Interesting Players

2017 NFL Mock Draft – Player To Watch For Each Team

Contemplating the Draft Process:

Thinking Man’s (or Woman’s) Guide to the NFL Draft

The Case for the NFL Scouting Combine

Why We Watch The NFL Draft

Draft Fiction, Fallacies and Flubs

Position Breakdowns:

Quarterbacks – Player Profiles | Top Prospects

Running Backs – Player Profiles | Top Prospects

Wide Receivers – Player ProfilesTop Prospects

Tight Ends – Player ProfilesTop Prospects

Fullbacks – Player ProfilesTop Prospects

Offensive Tackles – Player Profiles Top Prospects

Offensive Guards – Player ProfilesTop Prospects

Centers – Player ProfilesTop Prospects

Defensive Tackles – Player ProfilesTop Prospects ( 3-4 Nose Tackles )

Defensive Ends – Player ProfilesTop Prospects

Outside Linebackers – Player ProfilesTop Prospects

Inside Linebackers – Player ProfilesTop Prospects

Cornerbacks – Player ProfilesTop Prospects

Safeties  – Player Profiles (Free Safeties, Strong Safeties) | Top Prospects