Houston Texans 2018 NFL Draft

Houston Texans 2018 NFL Draft

NFL Mock Draft - Houston TexansHouston Texans 2018 NFL Draft

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GM: Brian Gaine

Head Coach: Bill O’Brien

Offensive Coordinator: Bill O’Brien

Defensive Coordinator: Mike Vrabel

Offensive Scheme: Erhardt-Perkins

Defensive Scheme: 3-4

2018 Estimated Cap Space


NFL Offensive Rankings

Run: 14 Pass: 21 Total: 20

NFL Defensive Rankings

Run: 13 Pass: 24 Total: 20

2018 NFL Mock Drafts

2018 NFL Mock Draft

DraftGeek’s Mock Draft


Houston Texans Previous Draft

1/12 Deshaun Watson QB CLEMSON
2/57 Zach Cunningham ILB VANDERBILT
3/89 D’Onta Foreman RB TEXAS
4/130 Julien Davenport OT BUCKNELL
4/142 Carlos Watkins DT CLEMSON
5/169 Treston Decoud CB OREGON STATE
7/243 Kyle Fuller C BAYLOR

Post Draft Thoughts:

“The Texans have a championship defense and some nice weapons on offense. The move to get Watson was bold, decisive, and they hope he will be the missing piece to a championship run. Watson has succeeded under the big lights, but will need to immerse himself in the complicated Texans’ playbook. Cunningham finds runners and shuts them down, and it is important for the Texans to have a stocked linebacker core. Davenport was probably the most prototypical left tackle in the draft, but doesn’t have much experience against top competition. He can sit in Houston and spend a year learning the position.”

2018 NFL Draft

Houston found its quarterback of the present and the future, it is just a shame that he sustained a freak injury in practice and missed the second half of the season. The offense, that is predicated on creating matchup problems was operating on all cylinders, but would have probably slowed down a gear as teams got the book on Watson.  That being said, that is just a natural occurrence in the NFL, and it will be fun to watch how the offense takes the next step, which will be finding the weak links on opposing defenses and exploiting them.

To create a truly dynamic offense that can match up week to week with different opponents, that Texans will need to address their glaring weakness at left tackle, and could use an improvement at guard. This offensive scheme operates best when it has a dynamic, pass catching tight end that can move around, and multiple pass catching, shifty running backs. On defense, Houston has elite talent on the defensive line, but must address deficiencies in the secondary.

Houston Texans 2018 NFL Draft Needs



2018 NFL Draft Trades for the Houston Texans

Round 1
Houston to Cleveland
Kansas City to Buffalo

Round 2
Houston to Cleveland
Los Angeles Rams to Buffalo
New Orleans to San Francisco
Philadelphia to Cleveland
San Francisco to New England
Seattle to New York Jets

Round 3
Buffalo to Carolina
Chicago to San Francisco
Philadelphia to Buffalo
Seattle to Houston

Round 4
Arizona to Chicago
Carolina to Cleveland
Minnesota to Philadelphia to Miami
Minnesota to Philadelphia
Philadelphia to Miami
Pittsburgh to San Francisco
San Francisco to Denver

Round 5
Atlanta to Denver
Dallas to New York Jets
Houston to Seattle
Kansas City to Cleveland
Miami to New Orleans
New England to Seattle
New York Jets to San Francisco
Oakland to Seattle
San Francisco to Pittsburgh
Seattle to Philadelphia

Round 6
Buffalo to Los Angeles Rams
Detroit to Los Angeles Rams
Pittsburgh to Cleveland to Pittsburgh to Tampa Bay
Pittsburgh to Cleveland
Cleveland to Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh to Tampa Bay
Seattle to Oakland

Round 7
Kansas City to San Francisco
Los Angeles Chargers to Buffalo
Los Angeles Chargers to Buffalo
Buffalo to Carolina
Minnesota to Seattle
New England to Cincinnati
New England to Seattle
New York Jets to Seattle
Philadelphia to Seattle
Seattle to New York Jets
Seattle to New England
Tampa Bay to Miami

Conditional / Yet to be Have Details Released
Arizona to Kansas City
Arizona to New Orleans
Baltimore to Arizona
Baltimore to Los Angeles Rams
Buffalo to Green Bay
Cincinnati to Jacksonville
Jacksonville to Miami
New England to Philadelphia
New York Giants to Pittsburgh

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