Josh Rosen, QB, UCLA

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Josh Rosen - 2018 NFL Draft

Scouting Report: Josh Rosen

2018 NFL Mock Draft

School: UCLA Position: Quarterback Class: Junior Height: 6-4 Weight: 210 lbs Projected Draft Round: 1-3

Scouting Report:

Rosen’s freshmen year showed potential to be a top pick in the draft, displaying NFL skills across the board. He showed veteran-level decision making, executing accurate throws and good arm strength and solid footwork. The projected trajectory was Heisman / first overall pick, but his sophomore year was a major letdown. As his level of play deteriorated, his political rhetoric escalated, leaving a tremendous range of expectations for the 2017 season. Since the season has begun, Rosen has shown more prudence in the way he expresses himself and his opening game was an eye opener.

Video Highlights:

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