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2018 NFL Draft Tracker – Round 6

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2019 NFL Mock Draft

DraftGeek’s 2019 NFL Mock Draft

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NFL Mock Draft - Cleveland Browns175. Cleveland Browns

Damion Ratley, WR, Texas A&M – Excellent prospect on paper, but didn’t produce much at college. Still, worth it to take a chance on here as he may have a lot of upside, as when he did make plays there were big ones.


NFL Mock Draft - Los Angeles Rams176. Los Angeles Rams

John Kelly, RB, Tennessee – Could be an excellent complement to Gurley and flashed when given the opportunity at Tennessee. One of the popular sleeper prospects of the draft.


NFL Mock Draft - Houston Texans177. Houston Texans

Duke Ejiofor, DE, Wake Forest – The Texans do a nice job of building their defensive line around the particular talents of the players, but have had major injury problems. Ejiofor is a nice depth player that can be used when they go to more traditional 3-4 concepts, and used inside as well.


NFL Mock Draft - New England Patriots178. New England Patriots

Christian Sam, ILB, Arizona State – Another inside linebacker to help stop the run for the Patriots. They haven’t done a great job with personnel on defense the last few years, surprisingly, but seem to be getting back to their core defensive philosophies and that required inside linebackers that can stabilize as the OLB’s provide the pass rush.


NFL Mock Draft - New York Jets179. New York Jets

Parry Nickerson, CB, Tulane – A slight CB with ball skills of a top WR. Great instinct for finding the ball and making a play. Needs to add some bulk to his frame.


NFL Mock Draft - New York Jets180. New York Jets

Folorunso Fatukasi, DT, Connecticut – Just a big, tall tackle that can 2-gap all day long. Could be used on the inside or the outside depending on down, and how they want to develop him.


NFL Mock Draft - Chicago Bears181. Chicago Bears

Kylie Fitts, DE, Utah – Very much a developmental project, but really flashes at times.


NFL Mock Draft - Arizona Cardinals182. Arizona Cardinals

Christian Campbell, CB, PSU – Excellent football character and a tall press corner type. Will have the luxury of learning under one of the great players and mentors at the position.


NFL Mock Draft - Denver Broncos183. Denver Broncos

Sam Jones, OG, Arizona State – Great competitor, and it appears the Broncos are focusing on having a ball control offense, and don’t want to get caught without depth on the offensive line.


NFL Mock Draft - San Francisco 49ers184. San Francisco 49ers

Marcel Harris, S, Florida – The secondary for the 49ers has been an issue and it looks like they are going to play much more sub packages by the way they are loading up on safeties.


NFL Mock Draft - Indianapolis Colts185. Indianapolis Colts

Deon Cain, WR, Clemson – Great value here for Cain. Nice height weight size WR that can get you big yards on slants. Hard to project Clemson receivers, but Cain has enough good tape that he should have gone higher.


NFL Mock Draft - Seattle Seahawks186. Seattle Seahawks

Jacob Martin, DE, Temple – Designated pass rusher that can work his way into the rotation as he continues to add bulk and improve technique.


NFL Mock Draft Buffalo Bills187. Buffalo Bills

Ray-Ray McCloud, WR, Clemson – A prospect that showed some really nice skills at times, but a bit of a projection here.


NFL Mock Draft - Cleveland Browns188. Cleveland Browns

Simeon Thomas, CB/S, Louisiana-Lafayette – Looks good on paper, but hasn’t shown much to determine that he has what it takes to play in the NFL. Lots of raw talent, but a big project.


NFL Mock Draft - New Orleans Saints189. New Orleans Saints

Kamrin Moore, CB, Boston College – This is a type of pick the new New Orleans Saints are making and it is paying off. Moore is the type of player that might barely make the roster and then end up having a 10 year career due to his work ethic and how he always competes, which coaches love.


NFL Mock Draft - Baltimore Ravens190. Baltimore Ravens

DeShon Elliott, S, Texas – There must be some reason why Elliott fell this far, as there is always a lot of data that only teams get. Regardless, this is an excellent value pick for a team that is defense first.


NFL Mock Draft - San Diego Chargers191. Los Angeles Chargers

Dylan Cantrell, WR, Texas Tech – Post up type receiver that could help as a possession receiver and in the end zone. 

NFL Mock Draft - Los Angeles Rams192. Los Angeles Rams

Jamil Demby, OT, Maine – One of those prospects that has the height, bulk, and length that you want to develop for a year or two and see if you have something.


NFL Mock Draft -Dallas Cowboys193. Dallas Cowboys

Chris Covington, OLB, Indiana – Has the physical skills to play in the NFL, but needs coaching. Very agile, and is the new style LB that does well in coverage when offenses are trying to create matchup problems.


NFL Mock Draft - Atlanta Falcons194. Atlanta Falcons

Russell Gage, WR, LSU – A star special teamer to start, this is a crazy gifted athlete. Falcons will try to incorporate him as much as they can into the offense, but skillset might not be there.


NFL Mock Draft - Los Angeles Rams195. Los Angeles Rams

Sebastian Joseph, DT, Rutgers – An interesting rotational player for the Rams. Has the length to control gaps, but could work on the edge as well.


NFL Mock Draft - Kansas City Chiefs196. Kansas City Chiefs

Tremon Smith, CB, Central Arkansas – Very aggressive corner that needs to learn more discipline with his technique at the next level. The Chiefs are really working to address their defense in this draft and get tougher.


NFL Mock Draft - Washington Redskins197. Washington Redskins

Shaun Dion Hamilton, ILB, Alabama – A great value pick here IF he can stay healthy. Looked like the best player on the field at Alabama when he played. The Redskins have allocated a lot of resources to defense in the draft lately, but have to start seeing some results.


NFL Mock Draft - Kansas City Chiefs198. Kansas City Chiefs

Reginald Kahlil McKenzie Jr., OG, Tennessee – Will be converted to offensive guard for the Chiefs. A gifted athlete for his size, will be an interesting project to see how he does with the conversion.


NFL Mock Draft - Tennessee Titans199. Tennessee Titans

Luke Falk, QB, Washington State – The best preparer (that a word?) of any QB in the class. Exceptional in many facets of playing the QB position, but just might not have the physical skills to be a starter. However, could see him being a long time backup that can fill in when needed, and would be an exceptional guy in the QB room.


NFL Mock Draft - Atlanta Falcons200. Atlanta Falcons

Foyesade Oluokun, ILB, Yale – Undersized but very agile linebacker that will need to find a place in sub-packages.


NFL Mock Draft - New Orleans Saints201. New Orleans Saints

Boston Scott, RB, Louisiana Tech – Short but powerful RB that can be used to keep defenses on their toes.


NFL Mock Draft - Tampa Bay Buccaneers202. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Jack Cichy, ILB, Wisconsin – The Bucs want to get tougher, and Cichy fits the mold. Recovering from a bad injury, but if healthy can be a reliable cog in the middle.


NFL Mock Draft - Jackson Jaguars203. Jacksonville Jaguars

Tanner Lee, QB, Nebraska – A gifted thrower of the ball that makes way too many mistakes in games.


NFL Mock Draft - New York Jets204. New York Jets

Trenton Cannon, RB, Virginia State – Prototypical scat back that has a chance to make the team.


NFL Mock Draft - Los Angeles Rams205. Los Angeles Rams

Trevon Young, DE, Louisville – The Rams need OLB’s that fit their system and that can provide pass rush. Young is talented, but inconsistent.


NFL Mock Draft - Philadelphia Eagles206. Philadelphia Eagles

Matt Pryor, OT, TCU – Massive tackle prospect that the Eagles would love to stash and develop.


NFL Mock Draft - Green Bay Packers207. Green Bay Packers

Equanimeous St. Brown, WR, Notre Dame – No idea why he fell this far. ND did not get him the ball enough and when they did he looked like a top end of the draft prospect. Smart, high character and physically gifted WR. Steal here.


NFL Mock Draft -Dallas Cowboys208. Dallas Cowboys

Cedric Wilson, WR, Boise State – Linehan is a vertical offense guy that hasn’t had the weapons to deploy his system yet in Dallas. Wilson is a vertical WR.


NFL Mock Draft - Miami Dolphins209. Miami Dolphins

Cornell Armstrong, CB, Southern Miss – Good speed and agility, needs development, but good upside.


NFL Mock Draft - New England Patriots210. New England Patriots

Braxton Berrios, WR, Miami – Shifty little receiver that is smart and plays with outstanding effort. Will find time catching underneath balls from Brady.


NFL Mock Draft - Houston Texans211. Houston Texans

Jordan Thomas, TE, Mississippi State – Massive tight end that can post up and cause headaches for defenses.


NFL Mock Draft - Baltimore Ravens212. Baltimore Ravens

Greg Senat, OT, Wagner – A gifted athlete that will be a project for the Ravens. Has the frame and natural athletic ability to play tackle.


NFL Mock Draft - Minnesota Vikings213. Minnesota Vikings

Colby Gossett, OG, App State – Another developmental offensive lineman with great natural ability, but with a lot of work to do in terms of technique. No need to play him now, so has time to develop.


NFL Mock Draft - Houston Texans214. Houston Texans

Peter Kalambayi, OLB, Standford – Linebacker depth for Houston, and has more strength than most linebackers coming out that are built for the spread and with more sideline to sideline speed.


NFL Mock Draft - Baltimore Ravens215. Baltimore Ravens

Bradley Bozeman, C, Alabama – Out of the box and ready to play for the Ravens, Bozeman is well coached and doesn’t make mistakes.


NFL Mock Draft - Oakland Raiders216. Oakland Raiders

Azeem Victor, ILB, Washington – Probably too much of an injury risk to draft, he is a playmaker when healthy.


NFL Mock Draft - Denver Broncos217. Denver Broncos

Keishawn Bierria, ILB, Washington – Interesting to see two players at same position at same school go back to back this late, but neither prospect seemed draftable.


NFL Mock Draft - Minnesota Vikings218. Minnesota Vikings

Ade Aruna, DE, Tulane – A draft community favorite, Aruna is a physical specimen that went to the right coach.


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