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2018 NFL Draft Tracker – Round 7

Pick by Pick Analysis 

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NFL Mock Draft - New England Patriots219. New England Patriots

Danny Etling, QB, LSU – Etling didn’t show much at LSU, but the Patriots definitely get the benefit of the doubt. If he starts to thrive in NE, that will say a lot about LSU coaches.


NFL Mock Draft - Seattle Seahawks220. Seattle Seahawks

Alex McGough, QB, FIU – The Seahawks definitely could use a young QB, and McGough has some nice skills.


NFL Mock Draft - Indianapolis Colts221. Indianapolis Colts

Matthew Adams, ILB, Houston – A great cleanup guy in the middle.


NFL Mock Draft - Houston Texans222. Houston Texans

Jermaine Kelly, CB, San Jose State – Lanky corner that might surprise during training camp.


NFL Mock Draft - San Francisco 49ers223. San Francisco 49ers

Julian Taylor, DT, Temple – Will have to gain weight to play inside, and can be a stout edge defender.


NFL Mock Draft - Chicago Bears224. Chicago Bears

Javon Wims, WR, Georgia – Strong chance to make the squad. Excellent athlete and potential vertical weapon.


NFL Mock Draft - Minnesota Vikings225. Minnesota Vikings

Devante Downs, ILB, Cal – Has the height and strength to be a run stuffing linebacker.


NFL Mock Draft - Denver Broncos226. Denver Broncos

David Williams, RB, Arkansas – Strong runner between the tackles.


NFL Mock Draft - Miami Dolphins227. Miami Dolphins

Quentin Poling, ILB, Ohio – Agile and shifty, works well in space.


NFL Mock Draft - Oakland Raiders228. Oakland Raiders

Marcell Ateman, WR, Oklahoma State – Very good value here, but a one dimensional player at this point. Excellent go up and get it wide receiver that will excel in the redzone.


NFL Mock Draft - Miami Dolphins229. Miami Dolphins

Jason Sanders, K, New Mexico – Will compete for the job.


NFL Mock Draft - Jackson Jaguars230. Jacksonville Jaguars

Leon Jacobs, ILB, Wisconson – Has an outside chance of making the roster. Well built and smart.


NFL Mock Draft - Los Angeles Rams231. Los Angeles Rams

Travin Howard, OLB, TCU – Safety / Linebacker hybrid. Could have a role in sub packages.


NFL Mock Draft - Green Bay Packers232. Green Bay Packers

James Looney, DT, Cal- Could be asked to work the edge, or move inside on passing downs.


NFL Mock Draft - Philadelphia Eagles233. Philadelphia Eagles

Jordan Mailata, Australia – Massive and athletic. A big development project to play tackle.


NFL Mock Draft - Carolina Panthers234. Carolina Panthers

Andre Smith, ILB, North Carolina – Can control the gaps in front of him, but not much in coverage.


NFL Mock Draft - Indianapolis Colts235. Indianapolis Colts

Zaire Franklin, OLB, Syracuse – Old fashioned linebacker that can attack anything moving forward.

NFL Mock Draft -Dallas Cowboys236. Dallas Cowboys

Bo Scarbrough, RB, Alabama – Once a highly prized RB that fell off the face of the map halfway through the season. Some maturity issues.


NFL Mock Draft - Detroit Lions237. Detroit Lions

Nick Bawden, FB, San Diego State – Excellent lead blocking fullback that has some pass catching and even passing skills (converted QB). Lions going all in fixing the run.


NFL Mock Draft - Baltimore Ravens238. Baltimore Ravens

Zach Seiler, DE, Ferris State – Very athletic project with lots of upside. Needs lots of work on technique.


NFL Mock Draft - Green Bay Packers239. Green Bay Packers

Hunter Bradley, LS, Mississippi State – If they loved him, why not?


NFL Mock Draft - San Francisco 49ers240. San Francisco 49ers

Richie James, WR, Middle Tennessee – A quality 7th rounder; great in space, injury issues, but worth a flyer.


NFL Mock Draft - Washington Redskins241. Washington Redskins

Greg Stroman, CB, Virginia Tech – Very good value here, surprised he dropped. Smart and instinctive.


NFL Mock Draft - Carolina Panthers242. Carolina Panthers

Kendrick Norton, DT, Miami – Another bigtime value pick here. Needs to be more consistent, but huge talent.


NFL Mock Draft - New England Patriots243. New England Patriots

Keoin Crossen, CB, Western Carolina – Longshot to make the team, but has some athleticism.


NFL Mock Draft - Los Angeles Rams244. Los Angeles Rams

Justin Lawler, DE, SMU – Once a highly rated prospect, but more of a high effort player that lacks the physical attributes to fit any particular position profile. Will vie for special teams time.


NFL Mock Draft - New Orleans Saints245. New Orleans Saints

Will Clapp, C/OG, LSU – Took a big drop in the draft due to bounty of interior linemen. However, is experienced and dependable.


NFL Mock Draft - Pittsburgh Steelers246. Pittsburgh Steelers

Joshua Frazier, DT, Alabama – 2 gapper that could make the roster as a rotational player.


NFL Mock Draft - Jackson Jaguars247. Jacksonville Jaguars

Logan Cooke, P, Mississippi State – Always need a punter.


NFL Mock Draft - Green Bay Packers248. Green Bay Packers

Kendall Donnerson, OLB, Southern Missouri – Start to finish project that is an elite athlete. Packers would love to stash him for a few years and develop him into a pass rusher.


NFL Mock Draft - Cincinnati Bengals249. Cincinnati Bengals

Logan Woodside, QB, Toledo – Big armed QB that worked well in different systems. A nice pick up here.


NFL Mock Draft - New England Patriots250. New England Patriots

Ryan Izzo, TE, Florida State – Mixed draft reviews on him, surprised he fell this far. Will get every chance to compete for a job.


NFL Mock Draft - San Diego Chargers251. Los Angeles Chargers

Justin Jackson, RB, Northwestern – Has a knack for finding holes in the defense. Great vision.


NFL Mock Draft - Cincinnati Bengals252. Cincinnati Bengals

Rod Taylor, OG, Mississippi – A nice job to grab him here before someone will after the draft ends. Lots of talent, but issues.


NFL Mock Draft - Cincinnati Bengals253. Cincinnati Bengals

Auden Tate, WR, Florida State – Redzone threat and leaper.


NFL Mock Draft - Arizona Cardinals254. Arizona Cardinals

Korey Cunningham, OT, Cincinnati – Has the frame of an OT but not the balance. Worth a shot to see if that can be fixed.


NFL Mock Draft - Tampa Bay Buccaneers255. Buffalo Bills

Austin Proehl, WR, North Carolina – Son of NFL player, is smart and quick.


NFL Mock Draft - Atlanta Falcons256. Atlanta Falcons

Trey Quinn, WR, SMU – Excellent athlete, will make the squad.


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