Lucas Niang, OT, TCU

Lucas Niang, OT, TCU
Lucas Niang NFL

Scouting Report: Lucas Niang

School: TCU Position: Offensive Tackle Class: Senior Height: 6’7″ Weight: 328 Projected Draft Round: 1-3

Scouting Report:

Prototypical length, height, and base to play tackle at the next level. Elite pass blocking prospect that has spent the majority of his time at right tackle, and appears to be staying there. Skillset is heavily tilted toward pass protection at this point, and with his huge frame and length, is very difficult to get around, and nearly impossible to beat with power straight on. Has a lot of work to do with run blocking, which will be the major indicator of his draft stock. With improvement in setting up to create lanes for running backs and settling into the mentality of road grading through to the next level, could go in the first round.

Lucas Niang Highlights

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