About DraftBlaster

DraftBlaster covers the NFL draft with NFL mock drafts, scouting reports, NFL draft big boards, prospect rankings and other draft articles and news. DraftBlaster.com is written by a group of professionals with a passion for the science and art of football.

Jack O’Conner

Creative Director / Head Writer

Jack O’Conner is an economist and business consultant by trade, and manages four projects for an investment group in Los Angeles. Raised in the Midwest, Jack divides his time between LA, NYC, and the Midwest home he grew up in.

He has written for two economic journals, as well as articles published in a trade journal under a pseudonym. He has researched football since in college, where he compared the fixed resources attributes of NFL team building to tried and true economic theories.

The “DraftGeek”

“DraftGeek” (not be confused with nfldraftgeek.com that does a great job!) is the Data Mining (that is pretty much what non-sports people call Analytics) nerd that has been an NFL draft junkie since doing an undergrad paper on it for a Prob and Stats course. A medical industry executive, she (yes, she) secretly would like to give it all up and be Cynthia Frelund.

Dr. Dave

“Dr. Dave” is one of the lead analysts for DraftBlaster and has been an NFL Draft junkie for almost 30 years. His draft prediction for this year is one of conservative selections, where teams will be, by default, selecting the “safer” selection, and more often than not, at a position of primary need.  Thus, we are providing his slant on the first round.



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