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Scouting Report: Johnathan Abram

2019 NFL Mock Draft

DraftGeek’s 2019 Mock Draft

School: Mississippi State Position: Safety Class: Senior Height: 6-1 Weight: 200 lbs Projected Draft Round: 1-2

Scouting Report:

Safeties in the NFL are becoming less and less specialized, so they all start with one dominant skill, but have to display a versatile array of skills to be picked high in the draft. Johnathan Abram comes first as a hard hitting, in the box type safety, and he has plenty of tape to display those talents. However, he has shown good instincts with finding the ball and making plays in coverage. His ability to cover tight ends and running backs, cover deep, and continue to produce against the run and with blitzes, he can secure a high place in the next year’s draft.

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