Cohl Cabral, C, Arizona State

Cohl Cabral, C, Arizona State
Cohl Cabral NFL

Scouting Report: Cohl Cabral

School: Arizona State Position: Center Class: Senior Height: 6’5″ Weight: 291 Projected Draft Round: 3-5

Scouting Report:

Still growing into his big frame, and made a move from left tackle to center a year ago. While he adds strength to his frame has learned to use his feet and base to create excellent leverage advantages over opponents. Has long arms and can lock on to defenders and ease them out of the way to create run lanes. Best attribute is his footwork and has adapted well from kickstepping to smaller steps in the phone booth as a center. Extremely high football intelligence and is the signal caller for the offensive line.

Cohl Cabral Highlights

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