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Scouting Report: Kylin Hill

School: Mississippi State Position: Running Back Class: Junior Height: 5’11” Weight: 215 Projected Draft Round: 4-6

Scouting Report:

Physical, contact-seeking power back with a very focused downhill running style. Runs with determination and looks for defenders to get tough yards. Has good balance in small spaces, utilizing same leg, same shoulder balance to throw defenders back. A difficult back to bring down, even for bigger linebackers. Needs to continue to develop as a back and to know when to go for contact and when there are more yards to be gain by avoiding it. Is borderline elite as a vertical runner, but will need to broaden his game to advance his draft stock. Closer to the line of scrimmage has shown some promise with smart decisions bouncing outside when a play wasn’t there, but has work to do when there is a decision to be made in the open field of contact vs. hitting the open field. Built very solid, and his balance allows him to thrive in pass pro.

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