NFL Draft Talk

NFL Draft Talk

NFL Draft Talk: It’s early in the NFL Draft season, but training camps and the college football season will soon be kicking things off for the 2020 NFL Draft.

DraftBlaster has set up this “NFL Draft Talk” – discussions based on individual prospects, position groups, colleges, or just general NFL Draft discussion.

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NFL Draft Seasonal Hot Topics

The NFL Draft season is almost a year round endeavor. There are certain times of the year that are particularly busy with chatter. It all starts immediately after the draft with grades and wrap-ups. There are is a huge variety of opinions every year on each team. Then there is a lull in the action, and it picks up again with:

NFL Training Camps

Fans get their first look at rookies from each team’s draft class. How do they actually fit in the scheme? What is their competition for getting on the field?

College Football Season

The draft community normally identifies around 100 prospects before the draft that everyone is keeping an eye on. As the college season unfolds, these players are scrutinized. Moreover, new prospects start to appear as the season rolls on.

NFL Season

The regular season is obviously the most important part of the draft process. Teams show their needs and what they value in prospects. Also, the draft order gets set for the first 20 teams, while the playoffs provides the rest of the draft order.

NFL Draft Season Begins

This is the time starting with underclassmen have to decide whether they want to declare for the draft. This sets the table for prospect rankings, and positional rankings.

College All Star Games

Let by the Senior Bowl, a flurry of college all star games puts prospects on an even playing field in terms of competition. The practice for these games generally gives most of the info needed for draft evaluation.

NFL Scouting Combine

The NFL Combine is most important for medical evaluations and interviews. However, it is an excellent place for getting benchmark data on many prospects. Here there is a standardization of testing that is not biased by the college teams.


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