Cam Akers, RB, Florida State

Cam Akers NFL

Scouting Report: Cam Akers

School: Florida State Position: Running Back Class: Junior Height: 5’11” Weight: 215 Projected Draft Round: 2-4

Scouting Report:

Caught in the midst of major turmoil, Akers has shined through the draft process, leading to the conclusion that his offensive line and scheme held him back significantly in college. An agile, and quick-footed back, he excels in the open field and is always a step away from breaking out a big play. His pass catching ability looked much more natural at the Combine than in college, and appears to have all of the upside that he had coming out of college. Could be one of the big values in the draft, as many of the concerns regarding vision, decision making, etc., could very well be rooted in an awful situation he had at Florida State.

Cam Akers Highlights

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