Lamical Perine, RB, Florida

Lamical Perine, RB, Florida
Lamical Perine NFL

Scouting Report: Lamical Perine

School: Florida Position: Running Back Class: Senior Height: 5’11” Weight: 227 Projected Draft Round: 2-4

Scouting Report:

A well rounded running back prospect that hasn’t had too much mileage on his legs, as he has shared the backfield for a considerable part of his college career. A prototypical blend of speed and power, that displays exceptional balance when running, which allows him to maximize his power when making contact. A solid pass protector, that is willing and able to take on defenders in the passing game. Soft hands, but hasn’t been used much as a receiver, but when he has, has looked very natural. Good vision, and is patient.

Lamical Perine Highlights

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  1. I am not a Gator fan, but as an NFL prospect, I like Perine. He puts out maximum effort, & has a desirable trait of making a play when a play is needed. I believe he will be a draft bargain for someone.

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