2021 NFL Draft Offensive Guard Rankings

Trey Smith 2020 NFL Mock Draft

2021 NFL Draft Offensive Guard Rankings includes a prospect ranking, a breakdown of scouting for the position, key questions about the position, and a link to learn more.

Offensive Guard Rankings:

  1. Alijah Vera-Tucker, USC
  2. Wyatt Davis, Ohio State
  3. Trey Smith, Tennessee
  4. Alex Leatherwood, Alabama
  5. Quinn Meinerz, Wisconsin-Whitewater
  6. Ben Cleveland, Georgia
  7. Ed Ingram, LSU
  8. Aaron Banks, Notre Dame
  9. Jack Anderson, Texas Tech
  10. Zion Johnson, Boston College
  11. Deonte Brown, Alabama
  12. Cade Mays, Tennessee
  13. Chris Owens, Alabama
  14. Ben Brown, Mississippi
  15. Tommy Kraemer, Notre Dame

2021 NFL Draft Offensive Guard Ranking

  • High level guard prospects normally have to have one of two qualities: Exceptional base and power- known as “mauler” or “road grader” in the run game, -or- a rare athletic freak that is versatile, able to play center or guard… sometimes even able to play any position on the line.
  • Strong “base” or “Solid Anchor” good for ability to hold up against NFL pass rush.
  • Hand placement and ability to “lock on” to defenders.
  • Some guards are “pulling guards” but not too common in college, where they take a step back at the snap, slide down the other side of the line and become a lead blocker in the run game.
  • Top guys are normally very physically gifted with big measurables. Mid round guys tend to be more typical build but often have a lot of experience and dependable.
  • How many sacks did they give up?
  • Did they or do they have a strong RB or overall running game behind him?