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Travis Etienne NFL

2021 NFL Draft Running Back Rankings includes a prospect ranking, a breakdown of scouting for the position, key questions about the position, and a link to learn more.

Running Back Rankings:

  1. Travis Etienne, Clemson
  2. Najee Harris, Alabama
  3. Journey Brown, Penn State
  4. Kylin Hill, Mississippi State
  5. Kennedy Brooks, Oklahoma
  6. Chuba Hubbard, Oklahoma State
  7. Jaret Patterson, Buffalo
  8. Master Teague, Ohio State
  9. Max Borghi, Washington State
  10. Rakeem Boyd, Akransas
  11. Pooka Williams, Kansas

2021 NFL Draft Running Back Rankings

  • How do they do in each of three major skills of being an NFL RB: running skill, passing ability, pass protection?
  • Are they 220+ and considered a power back?
  • “Vision” and seeing holes and good decision-making
  • Ability to put foot in the dirt, make a cut and beat defenders
  • After making a cut, can he accelerate quickly?
  • Ability to make people miss in the open field.
  • Open field “top gear” which allows them turn small runs into big plays.
  • Hands and able to protect the ball.
  • Durability.
  • Experience. It is good for a RB to have enough experience to showcase their talents, but not too much where they already have absorbed a lot of hits.
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