2021 NFL Mock Draft – Page 2

2021 NFL Mock Draft – Page 2


NFL Mock Draft 2021:

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2020 NFL Mock Draft

NFL Mock Draft - Tampa Bay Buccaneers21. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Travis Etienne NFL

Travis Etienne, RB, Clemson

The Bucs season will be fascinating, and will be provide much fodder for the NFL media. They have made some nice moves in the draft, but might need more than a year to see it all come together, if in fact it will at all.

2020 NFL Mock Draft

NFL Mock Draft - Detroit Lions

22. Detroit Lions

Rondale Moore NFL

Rondale Moore, WR, Purdue

The Lions had a DC that didn’t know what he was doing, a franchise QB down for the year with no suitable backup, and a GM that got them pieces in the previous years that didn’t quite fit their system. It seems like all of those things are corrected. Time will tell.

2020 NFL Mock Draft

NFL Mock Draft - Baltimore Ravens

23. Baltimore Ravens

Israel Mukuamu NFL

Israel Mukuamu, CB, South Carolina

The Ravens have everything they need to win a championship, but a question on whether their QB can handle a defensive game plan that makes him have to make many post-snap decisions. They readied for that issue by even further beefing up their run game.

2020 NFL Mock Draft


NFL Mock Draft - New York Jets24. New York Jets (from Seattle)

Carlos Basham Jr NFL

Carlos Basham, DE, Wake Forrest

The Jets traded away their best defensive player, but he was starting to show himself as a very low character player that is just going to be problems whenever anything doesn’t go his way. They got a bounty in return, and need to keep adding talent.

2020 NFL Mock Draft

NFL Mock Draft - Atlanta Falcons

25. Atlanta Falcons

Tyson Campbell 2021 NFL Mock Draft

Tyson Campbell, CB, Georgia

The Falcons were a different team at the end of last season. Will next year by a continuation of that? They lost an important piece to their secondary in free agency, but added a nice one in the draft. It still needs more depth.

2020 NFL Mock Draft

NFL Mock Draft Buffalo Bills26. Buffalo Bills

Pat Freiermuth NFL

Pat Freiermuth, TE, Penn State

The Bills keep slowly pushing the boulder up the hill, and added more weapons for their young QB. They have a very talented WR and RB core, but need more talent at TE.

2020 NFL Mock Draft

NFL Mock Draft - Minnesota Vikings

27. Minnesota Vikings

Thayer Munford NFL

Thayer Munford, OT, Ohio State

The Vikings have continuously had ok, not bad, not great tackle play for several years. Time to fix that.

2020 NFL Mock Draft

NFL Mock Draft - Pittsburgh Steelers

28. Pittsburgh Steelers

Jamie Newman NFL

Jamie Newman, QB, Georgia

Probably rightly so that the Steelers are going all in with Ben to close out his career. If there is a chance a talented QB becomes available to them in the next draft, however, they might have to pull the trigger. 

2020 NFL Mock Draft

NFL Mock Draft - Indianapolis Colts29. Indianapolis Colts

Quincy Roche NFL

Quincy Roche, DE/OLB, Miami

The Colts have been fun to watch in free agency and the draft. They are going all in with Rivers for a year or two, but this team is hoping to be focused on their defense. They now have an excellent DT, nice linebackers and a good secondary. They could use a little more youth and talent with pass rushers.

2020 NFL Mock Draft

NFL Mock Draft - San Francisco 49ers30. San Francisco 49ers

Paulson Adebo NFL

Paulson Adebo, CB, Stanford

No team has wheeled and dealed more than the 49ers the last few years. They are aging in the secondary, however, and need to start adding youth and talent there immediately before it becomes a weakness.

2020 NFL Mock Draft

NFL Mock Draft - New Orleans Saints31. New Orleans Saints

Hamsah Nasirildeen NFL

Hamsah Nasirildeen, S, Florida State

The window on the Brees era in New Orleans is closing fast. They will have this year for sure with him, but after that it is a question mark. They have needs at linebacker and in the secondary that they need to address.

2020 NFL Mock Draft

NFL Mock Draft - Kansas City Chiefs32. Kansas City Chiefs

Creed Humphrey NFL

Creed Humphrey, OG, Oklahoma

KC is the champ until proven otherwise. They know they won in the air, but have smartly started to work on building a power run game. That means building up a strong interior offensive line.

2020 NFL Mock Draft

Picks 1-20 |  Picks 21-32

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