Jawaan Taylor, OT, Florida

Jawaan Taylor, OT, Florida
Jawaan Taylor NFL

Scouting Report: Jawaan Taylor

2019 NFL Mock Draft

DraftGeek’s Mock Draft

School: Florida Position: Offensive Tackle Class: Junior Height: 6-5 Weight: 344 Projected Draft Round: 1

Scouting Report:

Has excellent height and a strong build, but appears to not have the ideal arm length of a tackle. Could very possibly be seen as a guard at the next level. Even though he doesn’t possess the wingspan that NFL scouts look for, he does an excellent job of mirroring defenders, and gets a powerful first hand punch, and sustains blocks. Very good to excellent balance and bend. Needs to work on footwork and positioning when blocking in space. Technique has continued to improve, so will be interesting how he is viewed in terms of position during the draft process.

Video Highlights:

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