2017 NFL Mock Draft – Round Four

2017 NFL Mock Draft – FIVE Rounds

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Round Four:

NFL Mock Draft - Cleveland Browns108. Cleveland Browns

Keionta Davis, Defensive End, Tennessee-Chattanooga

The Browns are adding players in free agency and just looking for talent in the draft.  Keionta Davis is a bit of a sleeper, but has a very high ceiling.


NFL Mock Draft - San Francisco 49ers

109. San Francisco 49ers

Malachi Dupre, Wide Receiver, LSU

The 49ers have added some wide receivers in free agency, but need to add some younger talent.  While putting in a new offense, the 49ers could use offensive weapons besides their QB that can make big plays.


NFL Mock Draft - Jackson Jaguars

110. Jacksonville Jaguars

Dawaune Smoot, Defensive End, Illinois

The Jaguars want a front four that can blitz without having to bring extra guys as often as possible, and they need guys to constantly rotate in and out in order to do that.


NFL Mock Draft - Chicago Bears

111. Chicago Bears

Ethan Cooper, Offensive Guard, IUP

The Bears want to build in the trenches, and want maulers on the interior of the offensive line.  Cooper didn’t play against top competition in college, but looks like a very high ceiling project, that could start in a year or two, and potentially become a star.


NFL Mock Draft - Los Angeles Rams112. Los Angeles Rams

Eddie Jackson, Strong Safety, Alabama

The Rams have a new coaching staff and are revamping on both sides of the ball. They are changing their defensive scheme and needs some different types of secondary players.


NFL Mock Draft - San Diego Chargers

113. Los Angeles Chargers

Cole Luke, Cornerback, Notre Dame

More help for the Chargers defense that simply needs to get better at getting off the field and help keep leads. Cole Luke is a tough corner that will the Chargers immediately in the secondary.


NFL Mock Draft - Washington Redskins

114. Washington Redskins (From Jets)

Tarell Basham, Defensive End, Ohio

Basham gets into the backfield, and the Redskins desperately need help at pressuring the opposing quarterback.


NFL Mock Draft - Carolina Panthers

115. Carolina Panthers

Davon Godchaux, Defensive Tackle, LSU

The Panthers were a successful team when their front 7 was dominant.  They have some older players on their defensive line that can help mentor an influx of talent at tackle and end.


NFL Mock Draft - Cincinnati Bengals

116. Cincinnati Bengals

Taquan Mizzell, Running Back, Virginia

The Bengals need more offensive weapons. Mizzel will add a different dimension to the Bengals’ offense.


NFL Mock Draft - Chicago Bears117. Chicago Bears (From Bills)

Mack Hollins, Wide Receiver, North Carolina

The Bears need some offensive weapons, and Mack Hollins is one of the most dynamic players in the draft. He will immediately contribute, and possibly star on special teams as well.


NFL Mock Draft - Philadelphia Eagles118. Philadelphia Eagles

Corn Elder, Cornerback, Miami

Another proven, tough, and reliable player, the Eagles add another quality player to their secondary. Corn Elder is tough, and fits Schwartz’ defensive philosophy.


NFL Mock Draft - Arizona Cardinals

119. Arizona Cardinals

Lorenzo Jerome, Free Safety, Saint Francis

Arizona lost a couple of safeties in free agency, and added an older one that is probably just a stop gap solution.


NFL Mock Draft - Minnesota Vikings120. Minnesota Vikings

Elijah Qualls, Defensive Tackle, Washington

The Vikings could use an influx of youth to their defensive front. Qualls would be an anchor of that defensive line, allowing players around him to penetrate.


NFL Mock Draft - Indianapolis Colts

121. Indianapolis Colts

Josh Malone, Wide Receiver, Tennessee

The Colts have a strong passing game, but they depend too much on Hilton.  They could use more weapons to help balance out their offense.


NFL Mock Draft - Baltimore Ravens

122. Baltimore Ravens

Howard Wilson, Cornerback, Houston

Wilson can play multiple places in the secondary, and will help add talent to a corner group that could use some depth.


NFL Mock Draft - Washington Redskins

123. Washington Redskins

Ahkello Witherspoon, Cornerback, Colorado

The Redskins continue to add tough, talented players to their defense, and Witherspoon is an underrated prospect that will immediately add depth to their secondary.


NFL Mock Draft - Tennessee Titans124. Tennessee Titans

Trey Hendrickson, Defensive End, Florida Atlantic

If the Titans could get to the quarterback and cause pressure a bit more, their offense probably could have maintained more consistency last year.


NFL Mock Draft - Tampa Bay Buccaneers

125. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Joe Williams, Running Back, Utah

Tampa Bay is a young team that is improving.  They have talent all around, but do have some durability concerns with their running back group.


NFL Mock Draft - Denver Broncos

126. Denver Broncos

Taywan Taylor, Wide Receiver, Western Kentucky

The Broncos need to improve their offense, and that will start by finding out who their quarterback is, improving the offensive line, and also adding some help at wr.


NFL Mock Draft - Detroit Lions

127. Detroit Lions

Teez Tabor, Cornerback, Florida

Teez Tabor falls because, in a very deep cornerback class, he ran very, very slow.  He has good tape, but there were concerns that the style of play didn’t show if he could cover fast receivers down the field.  Put in the right position, he could thrive, but with other speedy cornerbacks available, he tumbled in the draft.


NFL Mock Draft - Minnesota Vikings128. Minnesota Vikings (From Dolphins)

Krishawn Hogan, Wide Receiver, Marian

The Vikings got hit hard with injuries at key positions, and actually had some surprises at wide receiver emerge. If they can stabilize their offensive line and running game, adding more talent at wide receiver should be considered.


NFL Mock Draft - Oakland Raiders129. Oakland Raiders

Duke Riley, Outside Linebacker, LSU

Riley is a feisty, intense player that flies all over the field.  He excels in all three phases of the game for the position: stopping the run, pass rush, and dropping into coverage. 


NFL Mock Draft - Houston Texans

130. Houston Texans

Kareem Hunt, Running Back, Toledo

The Texans actually run an offense that is supposedly very similar to the Patriots- they just haven’t put in the pieces to allow it to run on all cylinders. Hunt is a versatile back that they can use in many ways, allowing the offense to continue to try to get more dynamic.


NFL Mock Draft - New England Patriots131. New England Patriots (from Saints)

Marcus Maye, Free Safety, Florida

The Patriots have made a lot of moves in free agency, and they like to draft secondary players every year. 


NFL Mock Draft - Kansas City Chiefs

132. Kansas City Chiefs

Davis Webb, Quarterback, California

The Chiefs seem all in on Alex Smith, but they will need a quarterback at some point in this draft.  Webb could use a few years to work on his technique, particularly his footwork.


NFL Mock Draft -Dallas Cowboys

133. Dallas Cowboys

Corey Levin, Offensive Guard, Chattanooga

The Cowboys are suddenly in need of offensive linemen. Yes, they signed Cooper, but he hasn’t worked out with the last few teams he has been with. With the departure of two key pieces, they still have three extremely talented players, but need to add a young player to start developing. 


NFL Mock Draft - Green Bay Packers

134. Green Bay Packers

Dylan Donahue, Outside Linebacker, West Georgia

The Packers do a great job of finding underrated players throughout the draft. Donahue is relentless, and would find a place in the Packers’ defense.


NFL Mock Draft - Pittsburgh Steelers

135. Pittsburgh Steelers

Justin Evans, Strong Safety, Texas A&M

Evans is a super tackler that can cover. He fits the long standing mold of Steeler defenders.


NFL Mock Draft - Atlanta Falcons

136. Atlanta Falcons

Conor McDermott, Offensive Tackle, UCLA

The Falcons offensive line played much better than they got credit for most of the year.  A lot of that was scheme and play calling and a star at center. They could use some talent to keep the stability with the line.


NFL Mock Draft - Indianapolis Colts137. Indianappolis Colts

Tarik Cohen, Running Back, North Carolina A&T

The Colts have an explosive offense, but it can run hot and cold.  By adding a playmaker like Cohen, who can burst for big gains at any time, they will keep defenses guessing, and will have more options other than the deep ball, which they have had to depend on too much lately.




NFL Mock Draft - Cincinnati Bengals138. Cincinnati Bengals

Derek Rivers, Defensive End, Youngstown State

Adding some more versatile players on defense should help the Bengals stop being so predictable in their scheme. 


NFL Mock Draft - Philadelphia Eagles139. Philadelphia Eagles (from Browns)

George Kittle, Tight End, Iowa

Kittle was known as being perhaps the best blocking tight end in this year’s draft, but showed surprising speed at the Combine.


NFL Mock Draft - New York Giants

140. New York Giants (moved due to penalty)

T.J. Logan, Running Back, North Carolina

D.J. Fluker is a low risk addition to the offensive line, but he has been a disappointment thus far in his NFL career. They can give him a year and see if he can live up to his talent.  Adding another dynamic element to their offense should be a pressing need.


NFL Mock Draft - Los Angeles Rams141. Los Angeles Rams

KD Cannon, Wide Receiver, Baylor

It will be interesting to see if the Rams will take a big step forward on offense this year. They could use a wide receiver for their brand new QB. 


NFL Mock Draft - Houston Texans142. Houston Texans (from Browns)

Josh Augusta, Defensive Tackle, Missouri

The Texans defense is exceptional, and with questions over their QB, it will need to continue to lead the team.  They have a dynamic and versatile defensive front, but that needs quality anchors.


NFL Mock Draft - San Francisco 49ers143. San Francisco 49ers

Jaleel Johnson, Defensive Tackle, Iowa

More talent for the defense, the 49ers are completely changing their defense and need to add players that fit the new system.


NFL Mock Draft - Indianapolis Colts144. Indianapolis Colts

Isaac Rochell, Defensive End, Notre Dame

Rochell can set the edge and be a powerful left defensive end that can be a force against the run.



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