2017 NFL Mock Draft – Round Three

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Round Three:

NFL Mock Draft - Cleveland Browns65. Cleveland Browns

D’Onta Foreman, Running Back, Texas

The Browns play in a cold, tough division, and could use a power back.  Foreman falls because of an injury in a deep running back class, but is as powerful as they get in this year’s class.


NFL Mock Draft - San Francisco 49ers

66. San Francisco 49ers

Damontae Kazee, Cornerback, San Diego State

The 49ers go back to addressing their defense, which was just barren last year. Kazee has shined so far during the draft process and would help replenish their secondary.


NFL Mock Draft - Chicago Bears

67. Chicago Bears

Jake Butt, Tight End, Michigan

Most NFL teams are trying to operate with two pass catching tight ends this year, and it is essential to helping a young quarterback, or quarterback new to the system.  They could use an athletic, pass catching threat at tight end. Even though Butt has suffered a knee injury, he has proven to be an excellent “move” tight end. 


NFL Mock Draft - Jackson Jaguars

68. Jacksonville Jaguars

Roderick Johnson, Offensive Tackle, Florida State

The Jaguars have made a lot of moves on defense in free agency, and still need to sprinkle in talent on their offense.  They could use a young tackle to start developing, as they signed an older tackle to hold down the position for just a few years.


NFL Mock Draft - Los Angeles Rams69. Los Angeles Rams

 Alex Anzalone, Inside Linebacker, Florida

Alex Anzalone is very talented, and is an extremely active linebacker that loves to tackle.  He would move inside in the NFL, where his skill set better fits. He has had some injuries, so he falls a bit further than where he would normally be drafted.


NFL Mock Draft - New York Jets

70. New York Jets

Ryan Anderson, Outside Linebacker, Alabama

The Jets have deficiencies at all levels on defense.  Ryan Anderson has been well coached and is experienced.


NFL Mock Draft - San Diego Chargers

71. Los Angeles Chargers

Curtis Samuel, Wide Receiver, Ohio State

Curtis Samuel is almost a hybrid wr/rb.  He can be used all over the offense.


NFL Mock Draft - New England Patriots72. New England Patriots (from Panthers)

Antonio Garcia, Offensive Tackle (Guard), Troy

The Patriots are attacking free agency, but haven’t upgraded their offensive line.  This could change in the draft, where they have spent a lot of draft picks to varying degress of success. Antonio Garcia has gained the attention of teams over the last few months, and has mostly been talked about as a guy that will slide inside in the NFL at guard.


NFL Mock Draft - Cincinnati Bengals

73. Cincinnati Bengals

Zach Banner, Offensive Guard, USC

The Bengals had one of those years where contracts and free agency caused a little roster flux. This is a draft where they will follow their board with attention to their needs, but they aren’t pressed at any specific position. 


NFL Mock Draft - Baltimore Ravens74. Baltimore Ravens (from Eagles)

 Dion Dawkins, Offensive Tackle, Temple

Hopefully, the Ravens will find some stability in their passing game.  They have already started to build up their offensive line in free agency, but need to have a young, gifted tackle ready to take over in a year or two.


NFL Mock Draft Buffalo Bills

75. Buffalo Bills

JuJu Smith-Schuster, Wide Receiver, USC

The Bills have been hemorrhaging wide receivers in free agency. They have other more pressing needs, but getting a starter wide receiver in this draft is very important.


NFL Mock Draft - New Orleans Saints

76. New Orleans Saints

Montravius Adams, Defensive Tackle, Auburn

The Saints continue to dedicate themselves to getting out of their major imbalance, and add another defensive player. This is the make or break year where they need to show major improvement on that side of the ball, and adding talent at all levels both in the draft and free agency is critical to the long term success of the franchise. The explosive Adams could add to the rotation that will have Rankins back this year.


NFL Mock Draft - Arizona Cardinals

77. Arizona Cardinals

Isaac Asiata, Offensive Guard, Utah

Arizona needs to solidify their offensive line, but it is not a big rebuild.  They have some aging players and expiring contracts at certain positions as well.


NFL Mock Draft - Baltimore Ravens

78. Baltimore Ravens

Ethan Pocic, Center, LSU

The Ravens picked up a safety in free agency, so this pick moves to a center, a position of need for the Ravens. Pocic is the top center available in the draft, and can play guard as well.


NFL Mock Draft - Minnesota Vikings79. Minnesota Vikings

Desmond King, Cornerback (Strong Safety), Iowa

Minnesota has Harrison Smith, but he is already 28, and Andrew Sendejo might be worth the money, but still has some coverage issues. King is an interesting prospect that looks like a slot corner of safety at the next level.


NFL Mock Draft - Indianapolis Colts

80. Indianapolis Colts

Connor Harris, Inside Linebacker, Lindenwood

The Colts added a major piece to their defensive line in free agency, and added some veterans to hold down spots and mentor younger players that they add in the draft.  They have had a difficult time maintaining leads, and need a centerpiece to their defense that can be there for years to come.


NFL Mock Draft - Washington Redskins

81. Washington Redskins

Marcus Williams, Free Safety, Utah

D.J. Swearinger was added, but the Redskins need a lot of improvement to that positional group. Washington’s offense has really come together, and they have a new defensive coordinator this year to help keep them in games. 


NFL Mock Draft - Denver Broncos

82. Denver Broncos

Eddie Vanderdoes, Defensive Tackle, UCLA

Denver could not stop the run last year, but have made some mid grade improvements through free agency. They will continue to add talent to their defensive front, and Vanderdoes is a guy that has gone very much under the radar during the draft process.


NFL Mock Draft - Tennessee Titans83. Tennessee Titans

Jordan Leggett, Tight End, Clemson

The Titans continue to add pieces to their offense, this time with a pass catching tight end.


NFL Mock Draft - Tampa Bay Buccaneers

84. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Dede Westbrook, Wide Receiver, Oklahoma

Tampa Bay acquired a DeSean Jackson in free agency, but it doesn’t mean that they still don’t have a need.  Dede Westbrook would give the Bucs a variety of wide receivers with complimentary skills. 


NFL Mock Draft - Detroit Lions

85. Detroit Lions

Adam Shaheen, Tight End, Ashland

The Lions would love to run 12 personnel on offense, but would probably be looking for a specific type of tight end to complement Ebron. Shaheen would run a lot of interior routes, particularly the seam route while it would allow Ebron to operate more in space.


NFL Mock Draft - Minnesota Vikings86. Minnesota Vikings (From Dolphins)

Tyus Bowser, Outside Linebacker, Houston

The Vikings defense could get more production from their linebacker core, and that is just a matter of adding some younger talent.  Bowser is a playmaker, and would fit into to their defensive philosophy, and able to play immediately.


NFL Mock Draft - New York Giants

87. New York Giants

Dalvin Tomlinson, Defensive Tackle, Alabama

The Giants lost a major piece to their defense that they weren’t expecting.  They have other talented players on their defensive front, so don’t need to panic, but should be adding a young tackle early in the draft.


NFL Mock Draft - Oakland Raiders88. Oakland Raiders

Dorian Johnson, Offensive Guard, Pittsburgh

The Raiders had an excellent offense last year, and the defense never really pulled it all together, but somehow lost their offensive coordinator and still have their defensive coordinator. Yes, they have an excellent offensive line, but they will need to have a few young, developmental players to keep it that way.


NFL Mock Draft - Houston Texans

89. Houston Texans

Danny Isidora, Offensive Guard, Miami

They get an elite tight end early, and another piece to their dominating defense, but now they address an important need by grabbing an incredibly technically sound and reliable guard.


NFL Mock Draft - Seattle Seahawks

90. Seattle Seahawks

Julie’n Davenport, Offensive Tackle, Bucknell

The Seahawks offensive line last year was a big disappointment, and their additions in free agency were not major upgrades.  Davenport is a long tackle prospect that has all of the physical attributes that teams are looking for in a left tackle prospect. 


NFL Mock Draft - Kansas City Chiefs

91. Kansas City Chiefs

Sidney Jones, Cornerback, Washington

The Chiefs have the luxury of being able to wait a bit on Jones, who falls to them because of his pro day injury.


NFL Mock Draft -Dallas Cowboys

92. Dallas Cowboys

Tanoh Kpassagnon, Defensive End, Villanova

The Cowboys would like to continue to rotate defensive lineman during the game, and adding another talented defensive lineman would be a great step at building that rotation. One of the most physically gifted players in the draft, Kpassagnon might not last this long, but if he does, he would be a project that is well worth it.


NFL Mock Draft - Green Bay Packers

93. Green Bay Packers

Samaje Perine, Running Back, Oklahoma

The Packers were very streaky this year, finishing better than any other team. Perine is a very reliable, powerful running back that can pass protect and contribute in short yardage downs.


NFL Mock Draft - Pittsburgh Steelers

94. Pittsburgh Steelers

ArDarius Stewart, Wide Receiver, Alabama

The Steelers’ have probably the best qb-wr-rb trio in the league, but very much need some depth behind Brown. They have a young wr on the rise, but they haven’t established that full wide receiving core that they have been working on for several years.  


NFL Mock Draft - Atlanta Falcons

95. Atlanta Falcons

Tim Williams, Outside Linebacker, Alabama

The Falcons can continue to build on their ability to pressure opposing quarterbacks by adding dynamic pass rushers and versatile playmakers on defense.


NFL Mock Draft - New England Patriots96. New England Patriots

 Marlon Mack, Running Back, South Florida

A good fit for the Pats offense that relies on pass-catching running backs, Mack also excels at pass pro.




NFL Mock Draft - Miami Dolphins97. Miami Dolphins

Joe Mathis, Outside Linebacker, Washington

The Dolphins defense broke down primarily due to a lack of play from the linebacker core. Mathis was having an excellent year until his injury, and adding another piece to their linebacker core could allow them to be more versatile in their scheme.


NFL Mock Draft - Carolina Panthers

98. Carolina Panthers

Bucky Hodges, Tight End, Virginia Tech

The Panthers could mold Hodges into the type of tight end that can be used all over the offensive line.  He needs a lot of work on his blocking skills, though.


NFL Mock Draft - Philadelphia Eagles99. Philadelphia Eagles (from Ravens)

DeMarcus Walker, Defensive End, Florida State

The Eagles have added some nice pieces in free agency, but very much need an aggressive edge rusher.


 NFL Mock Draft - Los Angeles Rams100. Los Angeles Rams

Cameron Sutton, Cornerback, Tennessee

The Rams will be switching defensive schemes this year, and that means that their profile of what they consider an ideal cornerback has changed.


NFL Mock Draft - Denver Broncos

101. Denver Broncos

De’Angelo Henderson, Running Back, Coastal Carolina

The Broncos had a maddening time trying to run the ball and stopping the run last year. Look for them to address both of those deficiencies with additions early on in the draft. Defenders just bounce off of Henderson.


NFL Mock Draft - Seattle Seahawks

102. Seattle Seahawks

John Johnson, Free Safety, Boston College

Seattle started rebuilding a year ago, and has a safety that is teetering with retirement. They have had amazing luck with finding secondary players after the second round, and Johnson is a player with a lot of upside.  


NFL Mock Draft - New Orleans Saints103. New Orleans Saints (from Patriots)

Jermaine Eluemunor, Offensive Tackle, Texas A&M

Eluemunor is just learning the game but has a high ceiling.  He is agile, which works into the way that the Saints work the pocket around their QB.


NFL Mock Draft - Kansas City Chiefs

104. Kansas City Chiefs

Anthony Walker, Inside Linebacker, Northwestern

The Chiefs have a glaring need at inside linebacker, and they grab a star in the first round and more of a thumper here. 


NFL Mock Draft - Pittsburgh Steelers105. Pittsburgh Steelers

Jalen Reeves-Maybin, Outside Linebacker, Tennessee

The Steelers thrive on having unique, versatile pass rushers from the linebacker position.


NFL Mock Draft - Seattle Seahawks

106. Seattle Seahawks

Devonte Fields, Outside Linebacker, Louisville

Seattle plays a pass rushing, aggressive style defense, and has found perfect players for their system in mid and late rounds. Fields flat out gets to the quarterback, and would fit very well in their pass rushing scheme.


NFL Mock Draft - New York Jets107. New York Jets

Charles Walker, Defensive Tackle, Oklahoma

The Jets will need a defensive tackle very soon, and they are quietly rebuilding their team on both sides of the ball. Walker is an intriguing prospect as he holds up well against the run, but also gets into the backfield.


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