Simmie Cobbs, WR, Indiana

Simmie Cobbs NFL Scouting Profile

Scouting Report: Simmie Cobbs

2018 NFL Mock Draft

DraftGeek’s Mock Draft

School: Indiana Position: Wide Receiver Class: Junior Height: 6-4 Weight: 220 lbs Projected Draft Round: 5-7


Scouting Report:

Has the body type, strength, agility and productivity that puts him on the radar of NFL teams looking for a big outside receiver. Elevated to one of the better receivers in the Big 10, and became the most reliable target for the quarterbacks at Indiana, even though there was fluctuation at that position. Concern is that he doesn’t possess exceptional skills at either top end speed, winning contested balls, or a quick acceleration out of his cuts. Will need to demonstrate throughout the draft process that he could excel at two of those three things in order to go in the mid rounds.

Video Highlights:

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