New Orleans Saints 2020 NFL Draft

New Orleans Saints NFL Draft

NFL Mock Draft - New Orleans SaintsNew Orleans Saints 2020 NFL Draft

New Orleans Saints 2020 NFL Draft: New Orleans Saints 2020 mock drafts, last year draft recap, New Orleans Saints draft needs, 2020 draft trades.

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New Orleans Saints 2020 NFL Draft Grade: “Missed Opportunity”

1 (24). Cesar Ruiz, C, Michigan
3 (74). Zack Baun, LB, Wisconsin
3 (105). Adam Trautman, TE, Dayton
7 (240). Tommy Stevens, QB, Mississippi State

The Saints have been one of the best drafting teams the last few years, but there were some very questionable moves this year.

Mickey Loomis has been very petulant leading up the draft, complaining about league decisions and leaking league communications to Adam Schefter to spite the commissioner, that he has an obvious dislike toward. Not sure how this reflected on some poor decisions that they made in the draft, but this was an out of character year for them.

The Saints recently added a solid center that has played very well for them. They have also re-signed a key lineman, and have otherwise very solid player up and down the line. They had a singular, glaring need at linebacker, and had Queen fall to them. Instead, they grab a center, and gift Queen to the Vikings.

There has been talk that Ruiz will be used at guard, but if so, it makes the move just as puzzling. The Saints are well known for drafting huge guards that they find in middle rounds. This draft was loaded with prospects that fit this mold. It might have simply come down to Loomis having a bad night.

The fact that Baun fell out of the first round and all the way down to 74 was explained a bit later in the draft and slowly leaking out… there might be some more medical concerns than what the media and fans knew about. If that is all sour grapes, the Saints got one of the steals of the draft.

New Orleans Saints 2020 NFL Draft: Last Year’s Draft

2-48: Erik McCoy, OL (Texas A&M)
4-105: Chauncey Gardner-Johnson, S (Florida)
6-177: Saquan Hampton, S (Rutgers)
7-231: Alize Mack, TE (Notre Dame)
7-244: Kaden Elliss, LB (Idaho)

New Orleans Saints 2020 NFL Draft: 2018 Draft

1-14: Marcus Davenport, DE (UTSA)
3-91: Tre’Quan Smith, WR (UCF)
4-127: Rick Leonard, T (Florida State)
5-164: Natrell Jamerson, S (Wisconsin)
6-189: Kamrin Moore, CB (Boston College)
6-201: Boston Scott, RB (Louisiana Tech)
7-245: Will Clapp, G (LSU)

Draft Grade: Check, Check, Check

Draft hyperbole and expressions are best saved for teams that are starting from scratch. In reality, teams that have good rosters don’t just take the best player available, or let the draft fall to them. You have needs, and you get players that fill those needs.

The Saints needed an interior lineman, in particular one that can play center. They need safeties. Picks one, two, and three attacked those needs.

They didn’t have a lot of draft picks, but they identified their needs and drafted players to fill deficiencies on their roster. That is how you draft well when you have a good roster.

GM: Mickey Loomis

Head Coach: Sean Payton

Offensive Coordinator: Pete Carmichael

Defensive Coordinator: Dennis Allen

Offensive Scheme: West Coast

Defensive Scheme: 4-3

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