2020 NFL Draft Defensive Tackle Rankings

Derrick Brown 2020 NFL Draft

2020 NFL Draft Defensive Tackle Rankings includes a prospect ranking, a breakdown of scouting for the position, key questions about the position, and a link to learn more.


Defensive Tackle Rankings:

  1. Derrick Brown, Auburn
  2. Javon Kinlaw, South Carolina
  3. Justin Madubuike, Texas A&M
  4. Ross Blacklock, TCU
  5. Neville Gallimore, Oklahoma
  6. Jordan Elliott, Missouri
  7. Raekwon Davis, Alabama
  8. James Lynch, Baylor
  9. Mustafa Johnson, Colorado
  10. Leki Fotu, Utah
  11. Malcolm Roach, Texas
  12. Raequan Williams, Michigan State
  13. Davon Hamilton, Ohio State
  14. Rashard Lawrence, LSU
  15. Khalil Davis, Nebraska
  16. Nyles Pinckney, Clemson
  17. Tedarrell Slaton, Florida
  18. McTelvin Agim, Arkansas
  19. LaBryan Ray, Alabama
  20. Darrion Daniels, Nebraska
  21. Corey Bethley, TCU
  22. Robert Windsor, Penn State
  23. Carlos Davis, Nebraska

2020 NFL Draft Defensive Tackle Rankings

  • Identify all guys as primarily “one gap” or “two gap” defenders. They are generally more of a one gap, penetrating guy, or a two gap, run defending guy.
  • One gap skills is the single biggest booster of ranking in the draft. DT’s that get after the QB are super valuable.
  • Number of sacks and Tackles for Loss
  • Have multiple pass rush moves or just power?
  • Long arms and able to be a two gap guy defending both gaps around him?
  • Able to take on double teams allowing guys around him to make plays?
  • Strength of base. Does he anchor well?
  • The 3-4 nose tackle is not often clearly stated. But once a player is about 330lbs.+ it is worth mentioning he could possibly play nose in a 3-4. 350 is ideal weight there.
  • Does he play hard every play and chase down plays?
  • Ability to play a lot of plays and not get tired.
  • A lot of DT’s in college are not asked to be one gap guys, but that is what they will be at the NFL, so sometimes have to qualify that skill without having stats like sacks to back it up.

Who are the top 2020 NFL Draft Quarterbacks?

Derrick Brown, Auburn, Javon Kinlaw, South Carolina, Corey Bethley, TCU, Raekwon Davis, Alabama, and Lorenzo Neal, Purdue.

What are the key traits for scouting Defensive Tackles for the 2020 NFL Draft?

Identify if more of a one or two gapper, ability to penetrate, hold up against the run, pass rush techniques, overall strength.

When and where is the 2020 NFL Draft?

In April of 2020 at Paradise, Nevada.

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