2020 NFL Draft Center Rankings

Tyler Biadasz NFL

2020 NFL Draft Center Rankings

2020 NFL Mock Draft

Center Rankings:

  1. Tyler Biadasz, Wisconsin
  2. Cesar Ruiz, Michigan
  3. Cohl Cabral, Arizona State
  4. Jake Hansen, Oregon
  5. Creed Humphrey, Oklahoma
  6. Alex Leatherwood, Alabama
  7. Darryl Williams, Mississippi State


2020 NFL Draft Center Rankings

  • Can they and have they played guard?
  • They are taller and bigger now because of the shotgun. Worth mentioning because the smaller centers in the draft will have issues with defensive tackles and will need help from a guard to block. Big, long armed centers don’t need help to double team defenders.
  • Smaller centers are perhaps best suited for zone blocking NFL teams.
  • Experience is very important.
  • Did they call blocking assignments? Rare in college, but does happen and is a plus.
  • Any experience snapping besides in the shotgun?


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