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2020 NFL Draft Offensive Tackle Rankings includes a prospect ranking, a breakdown of scouting for the position, key questions about the position, and a link to learn more.


Offensive Tackle Rankings:

  1. Tristan Wirfs, Iowa
  2. Andrew Thomas, Georgia
  3. Alex Leatherwood, Alabama
  4. Lucas Niang, TCU
  5. Trey Smith, Tennessee
  6. Walker Little, Stanford
  7. Prince Tega Wanogho, Auburn
  8. Tommy Kraemer, Notre Dame
  9. Trey Adams, Washington
  10. Alaric Jackson, Iowa
  11. Liam Eichenberg, Notre Dame
  12. Thayer Munford, Ohio State

2020 NFL Draft Offensive Tackle Ranking

  • “Length” is key component of left tackles. Height, arm length, hand size all super important.
  • Footwork is very important, important for left tackles to handle speed.
  • Hand placement is needed for locking onto defenders, especially against power.
  • “Good overall technique” common trait for well coached, experienced tackles.
  • Left tackle prospects need to have a lot of starts at left tackle and against top competition to generally be considered elite.
  • Good “bend” and able to use “leverage”?
  • How did they fared against top DE prospects also in the draft?
  • Right Tackles may lack length, but need to be known as good run blockers.
  • “Road Grader” is exceptional run blocker.
  • “Ability to get to next level”… in run game or short passing game, able to beat a blocker, and move deeper into defense to block linebackers or other defenders.
  • “Versatility” – able to play guard as well.
  • Many tackles in college are best suited to move inside, but could be great guards in the NFL.
  • Able to defend “speed” and “power”.
  • Number of sacks allowed.
Who are the top 2020 NFL Draft Offensive Tackles?

Walker Little, Stanford, Andrew Thomas, Georgia, Tristan Wirfs, Iowa, and Lucas Niang, TCU.

What are the key traits for scouting Offensive Tackles for the 2020 NFL Draft?

Height and length, anchor, footwork, experience, hand placement and strength.

When and where is the 2020 NFL Draft?

In April of 2020 at Paradise, Nevada.

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