2020 NFL Draft Offensive Guard Rankings

Trey Smith, NFL

2020 NFL Draft Offensive Guard Rankings

2020 NFL Mock Draft

Offensive Guard Rankings:

  1. Trey Smith, Tennessee
  2. Alex Leatherwood, Alabama
  3. Thayor Munford, Ohio State
  4. Tommy Kraemer, Notre Dame
  5. Calvin Throckmorton, Oregon


2020 NFL Draft Offensive Guard Ranking

  • High level guard prospects normally have to have one of two qualities: Exceptional base and power- known as “mauler” or “road grader” in the run game, -or- a rare athletic freak that is versatile, able to play center or guard… sometimes even able to play any position on the line.
  • Strong “base” or “Solid Anchor” good for ability to hold up against NFL pass rush.
  • Hand placement and ability to “lock on” to defenders.
  • Some guards are “pulling guards” but not too common in college, where they take a step back at the snap, slide down the other side of the line and become a lead blocker in the run game.
  • Top guys are normally very physically gifted with big measurables. Mid round guys tend to be more typical build but often have a lot of experience and dependable.
  • How many sacks did they give up?
  • Did they or do they have a strong RB or overall running game behind him?

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