Amani Oruwariye, CB, Penn State

Amani Oruwariye NFL

Scouting Report: Amani Oruwariye

2019 NFL Mock Draft

DraftGeek’s Mock Draft

School: Penn State Position: Cornerback Class: Senior Height: 6-1 Weight: 205 Projected Draft Round: 1-3

Scouting Report:

Gifted at positioning himself well with receivers in order to disrupt passes. Moves with very natural, graceful motion at the last seconds as passes get near the receiver. Good movement in coverage and doesn’t take the bait on double moves and with shifty receivers in scramble drills. Plus corner against the run, primarily due to agility that allows him to create natural momentum. Still adjusting to being the primary corner, and there should be some questions as to why he wasn’t a starter for his first four years.

Video Highlights:

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