Pittsburgh Steelers 2019 NFL Draft

Pittsburgh Steelers NFL Draft

NFL Mock Draft - Pittsburgh SteelersPittsburgh Steelers 2019 NFL Draft

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2019 Pittsburgh Steelers Official Team Site News:

2019 NFL Draft Team Needs: CB, ILB, DE, OLB
2019 NFL Estimated Salary Cap Space: $6,989,093

GM: Kevin Colbert

Head Coach: Mike Tomlin

Offensive Coordinator: Mark Whipple

Defensive Coordinator: Keith Butler

Offensive Scheme: Erhardt-Perkins

Defensive Scheme: 3-4

Pittsburgh Steelers, Last Year’s Draft:

1-28: Terrell Edmunds, S (Virginia Tech)
2-60: James Washington, WR (Oklahoma State)
3-76: Mason Rudolph, QB (Oklahoma State)
3-92: Chukwuma Okorafor, T (Western Michigan)
5-148: Marcus Allen, S (Penn State)
5-165: Jaylen Samuels, RB (North Carolina State)
7-246: Joshua Frazier, DT (Alabama)

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  1. Let’s face it the best played in the the draft are usually 1 – 10 , maybe up to # 15. Colbert has to trade up to one of those positions. He has got to quit being a candy ass and be more assertive. If he and Tomlinson don’t see that they need to follow Bell and Brown out the door . Tomlin’s Weak, ie evidence what Belland Brown have done. If Ben is the problem, Tomlin has to grow a pair and set himstraight . He needs to be a head coach not a head friend to the team.If players don’t follow the rules they have to pay the consequences. There’s no taking videos in the locker room, there’s no player thinking they should be knocking other players. The players are not the boss and Tomlin has got to start not taking a players shit. Make some hard and firm rules and inforce them. Don’t take a players shit, I don’t care who they are . That is the way it is in New Englandand and you see what the result is there. Who’s the boss ?
    Do we need a new GM and head coach ? Perhaps.Accountability should start at the top.

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