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Chicago Bears 2020 NFL Draft: Chicago Bears 2020 mock drafts, last year draft recap, Chicago Bears draft needs, 2020 draft trades.

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Chicago Bears 2020 NFL Draft Grade: “Expecting Different Results?”

2 (43). Cole Kmet, TE, Notre Dame
2 (50). Jaylon Johnson, CB, Utah
5 (155). Trevis Gipson, DE, Tulsa
5 (163). Kindle Vildor, CB, Georgia Southern
5 (173). Darnell Mooney, WR, Tulane
7 (226). Arlington Hambright, G, Colorado
7 (227). Lachavious Simmons, G, Tennessee State

At least ONE of these two things is true: Pace can’t evaluate tight ends, or Nagy doesn’t know how to use them. Nagy was able to use a TE very well in KC, but how much influence did he really have there? Either way, the Kmet pick was a missed opportunity to address other needs on their roster, especially because he was not an elite TE prospect that particularly stood out from the crowd.

Jaylon Johnson, was an exceptional value at 50, and should have gone in the first round considering the prospects that went there. With the increased amount of quick passes, CB’s need to disrupt routes early. Johnson is a perfect corner for the new style NFL offensives.

The clock might be ticking on Pace in Chicago. A year ago this team was a favorite to go to the Superbowl. Now, fans and media are starting to count up the QB’s that Pace overlooked, and the big free agency moves are tarnishing as the losses pile up.

Chicago Bears 2020 NFL Draft: Last Year’s Draft

3-73: David Montgomery, RB (Iowa State)
4-126: Riley Ridley, WR (Georgia)
6-205: Duke Shelley, CB (Kansas State)
7-222: Kerrith Whyte Jr., RB (Florida Atlantic)
7-238: Stephen Denmark, CB (Valdosta State)

Chicago Bears 2020 NFL Draft: 2018 Draft

1-8: Roquan Smith, LB (Georgia)
2-39: James Daniels, C (Iowa)
2-51: Anthony Miller, WR (Memphis)
4-115: Joel Iyiegbuniwe, LB (Western Kentucky)
5-145: Bilal Nichols, DT (Delaware)
6-181: Kylie Fitts, DE (Utah)
7-224: Javon Wims, WR (Georgia)

Draft Grade: Two New Toys

The Bears are light on draft picks, but found two really good values in the draft for their emerging offense.

Montgomery was the Iowa State offense, and was one of the only true 3 down backs in college that could do it all. He will see a lot of playing time and will take the pressure off of their lighter backs.

Getting Ridley at 126 was a tremendous value. He is a very reliable target that is out of the box ready and knows how to run excellent routes.

GM: Ryan Pace

Head Coach: Matt Nagy

Offensive Coordinator: Bill Lazor

Defensive Coordinator: Chuck Pagano

Offensive Scheme: West coast / Spread concepts

Defensive Scheme: 3-4

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