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Dallas Cowboys 2020 NFL Draft Grade: “Lucky Fall of the Chips”

1 (17). CeeDee Lamb, WR, Oklahoma
2 (51). Trevon Diggs, CB, Alabama
3 (82). Neville Gallimore, DT, Oklahoma
4 (123). Reggie Robinson II, CB, Tulsa
4 (146). Tyler Biadasz, C, Wisconsin
5 (179). Bradlee Anae, DE, Utah
7 (231). Ben DiNucci, QB, James Madison

The Cowboys got themselves caught in quite a pickle when their turn in the first round came around. They really didn’t have WR as a major need, and had big needs at corner, defensive end, and at center.

However, sometimes you just can’t pass up a prospect. CeeDee Lamb is a special talent at WR. It is absolutely not a “no brainer” that they had to draft him. First, they have two very solid WR’s right now, one of which they just gave a big contract to. Second, they lost a lot of talent in free agency and their needs are pretty severe.

With a decision to make, they pulled the trigger on the elite WR prospect. What helped with the overall draft perception is that somehow teams passed on Diggs, and they were able to get a top corner prospect that has tremendous upside in the second round.

Gallimore in the third round was another nice addition, and they were lucky that he was there when they picked.

The two picks that seemingly “fell” to them in the fourth and fifth rounds are something to look at. The concept of teams getting an incredible value because some prospect fell 2-3 rounds lower than where they were thought to gone is generally fool’s gold. Biadasz may have gotten the honors, but he is a big drop off from Frederick. He simply is not a plus player, even though he is a plus name.

A similar situation occurred with Bradlee Anae. It may seem like this tremendous, top talent fell out of the sky for the Cowboys. The fact is, that many other teams with needs for defensive end passed him over for lesser known prospect time and time again. There is a reason for that.

Dallas Cowboys 2020 NFL Draft: Last Year’s Draft

2-58: Trysten Hill, DT (Central Florida)
3-90: Connor McGovern, G (Penn State)
4-128: Troy Pollard, RB (Memphis)
5-158: Michael Jackson, CB (Miami)
5-165: Joe Jackson, DE (Miami)
6-213: Donovan Wilson, S (Texas A&M)
7-218: Mike Weber, RB (Ohio State)
7-241: Jalen Jelks, DE (Oregon)

Dallas Cowboys 2020 NFL Draft: 2018 Draft

1-19: Leighton Vander Esch, LB (Boise State)
2-50: Connor Williams, G (Texas)
3-81: Michael Gallup, WR (Colorado State)
4-116: Dorance Armstrong, DE (Kansas)
4-137: Dalton Schultz, TE (Stanford)
5-171: Mike White, QB (Western Kentucky)
6-193: Chris Covington, LB (Indiana)
6-208: Cedrick Wilson, WR (Boise State)
7-236: Bo Scarbrough, RB (Alabama)

Draft Grade: Great, Just Have 1 Question!

Every year the Cowboys seem to be on the verge of pulling it all together, but one position group holds them back because it was criminally ignored. Looking at their draft, there are a lot of nice prospects at good values, but they absolutely had to come out of here with a plug and play safety, and probably another safety later to develop.

Donovan Wilson might be a diamond in the rough, but they passed on excellent safety prospects throughout the draft. They have a huge need at safety, and it is not as if they can go to the safety store this late in the off season.

Getting back to their picks, Hill is a solid prospect that fell out of favor with his coaches last year. Probably taken a good two rounds too early, he does have a good amount of film from when he did see the field and from two years ago when he showed a lot of explosiveness.

McGovern was a really smart pick that gives them some depth on the interior.

Jelks was shockingly available in the 7th.

GM: Jerry Jones

Head Coach: Mike McCarthy

Offensive Coordinator: Kellen Moore

Defensive Coordinator: Mike Nolan

Offensive Scheme: Vertical

Defensive Scheme: 4-3

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