Los Angeles Rams 2018 NFL Draft

Los Angeles Rams NFL Draft

NFL Mock Draft - Los Angeles RamsLos Angeles Rams 2018 NFL Draft

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GM: Les Snead

Head Coach: Sean McVay

Offensive Coordinator: Matt LaFleur

Defensive Coordinator: Wade Phillips

Offensive Scheme: West Coast / Spread

Defensive Scheme: 3-4

NFL Offensive Rankings

Run: 8 Pass: 10 Total: 10

NFL Defensive Rankings

Run: 28 Pass: 13 Total: 19

2018 Estimated Cap Space


2018 NFL Mock Drafts

Los Angeles Rams 7 Round Mock Draft

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Los Angeles Rams Previous Draft

2/44 Gerald Everett TE SOUTH ALABAMA
3/91 John Johnson S BOSTON COLLEGE
4/117 Josh Reynolds WR TEXAS A&M
6/189 Tanzel Smart DT TULANE
6/206 Sam Rogers FB VIRGINIA TECH
7/234 Ejuan Price OLB PITTSBURGH

Post Draft Thoughts:

“The Rams need people to throw to, so they spent three of their first four picks on targets for their young QB. All three players should get a lot of playing time this year, especially Kupp, who catches anything thrown at him. John Johnson is a very versatile defensive back that should play multiple positions in the secondary.”

2018 NFL Draft

The Rams have shown considerable improvement, and look like they have a solid foundation for success in the next few years. Finally they have some weapons on offense. They probably didn’t need to make the trade for Sammy Watkins, but his ceiling is so high, he might be able to get healthy and live up to his potential.

The major emphasis for next year’s draft is going to be the continued development of Phillip’s 3-4 defense in its second year. This is when he has had huge leaps in defensive ranking, and he needs more players that fit his system.

The Rams have added a lot of veterans that are playing well, but they need to draft well and develop young talent that can eventually earn those positions. This is particularly true on the offensive line.  For now, Gurley is rejuvenated and the line is holding up, but they need to start drafting talent their immediately that can take the place of aging players like Whitworth in a few years.

Los Angeles Rams 2018 NFL Draft Needs


2018 NFL Draft Prospect Rankings

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