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2018 NFL Prospects - Safety

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2018 NFL Draft Prospects by Position:


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2018 NFL Draft Safety Ranking

Minkah Fitzpatrick - 2018 NFL Draft1. Minkah Fitzpatrick, Alabma

Height: 6-1 Weight: 203 lbs

A versatile defensive back that has played both safety and corner. As with any Alabama defensive back, he is technically sound, and will have a short learning curve at the next level… Full Profile


2018 NFL Mock Draft2. Derwin James, Florida State

Height: 6-3 Weight: 211 lbs

Extremely well built and big size for a safety with the movement ability of a much smaller defensive back… Full Profile


Ronnie Harrison - 2018 NFL Draft3. Ronnie Harrison, Alabama

Height: 6-3 Weight: 218 lbs

Most likely the next great Alabama defensive back to break out, Harrison is a big, physical safety that quickly diagnosis plays and closes on the ball… Full Profile


2018 NFL Draft: Justin Reid4. Justin Reid, Stanford

Height: 6-1 Weight: 196 lbs

Extremely versatile defensive back that can play any defensive back position and is a key contributor on special teams… Full Profile


DeShon Elliott NFL5. DeShon Elliot, Texas

Height: 6-2 Weight: 210 lbs

A true super safety prospect that can play all over the defense. Able to play in the box, blitz, defend the run, cover in short space and cover centerfield…Full Profile


Jessie Bates NFL6. Jessie Bates, Wake Forest

Height: 6-2 Weight: 195 lbs

Exceptionally rangy, and able to quickly diagnose plays and gets to the receiver or ball carrier in a hurry…Full Profile


2018 NFL Mock Draft: Kyzir White7. Kyzir White, West Virginia

Height: 6-2 Weight: 220 lbs

Kyzir White is a prototypical hybrid safety / linebacker that fits the new breed of safeties that fits what NFL defenses need to combat offenses looking to create mismatches with running backs and tight ends in the passing game… Full Profile


Armani Watts - 2018 NFL Draft8. Armani Watts, Texas A&M

Height: 5-11 Weight: 205 lbs

A ballhawking safety that is experienced and productive against top competition at the college level… Full Profile


Terrell Edmunds NFL9. Terrell Edmunds, Virginia Tech

Height: 6-2 Weight: 220 lbs

Exceptional in coverage that fits the role of a traditional free safety. Able to cover a lot of ground quickly with good recognition skills…Full Profile


Jeremy Reaves - 2018 NFL Draft10. Jeremy Reaves, South Alabama

Height: 5-11 Weight: 185 lbs

A prodigiously productive defensive back, Reaves is always around the ball, making tackles, getting interceptions, or breaking up passes… Full Profile




Example Draft Considerations:

  • Can they cover deep, cover shallow routes, blitz, effective against the run in the box? If they can do all, they are super safety
  • Some are just “centerfielders” or “cover the centerfield” and sort of a pure free safety.
  • Some are very strong or tough but not great in coverage, and are better as “in the box” safeties.
  • Tackling ability and willingness to tackle are key.
  • Do they “break down” before a tackle or tackle without framing up to the ball carrier.
  • Experience at the position.
  • Durability.
  • Can they play corner as well?
  • Do they contribute in return game?
  • Number of INT’s and sacks.
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