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2020 NFL Mock Draft

NFL Mock Draft -Dallas Cowboys

21. Dallas Cowboys

Henry Ruggs NFL

2020 NFL Mock Draft Dallas Cowboys:

Henry Ruggs III, WR, Alabama [ View Top Wide Receivers ]

Scouting Report | Highlights

The Cowboys have a salary cap and salary distribution problem starting to appear on the horizon. They have too much of a gap between their star players and their core players.

Many of the teams that have really succeeded the last 10 years or so have been able to eliminate having many top five players in terms of salary at different positions. The Cowboys need to find a cheap alternative at QB, WR, RB, DE and/or CB. Wherever they can find a talent in the draft, they need to take advantage.

2020 NFL Mock Draft

NFL Mock Draft - Miami Dolphins22. Miami Dolphins (from Pittsburgh)

Tristan Wirfs NFL

2020 NFL Mock Draft Miami Dolphins:

Tristan Wirfs, OT, Iowa [ View Top Offensive Tackles ]

Scouting Report | Highlights

The good news is that the Miami Dolphins will most likely have the top pick in the 2020 NFL draft. They will also have a lot of extra draft picks. Furthermore, they will have around $100 million in salary cap space.

The bad news is that they don’t have a blue chip player at any of the four major positions: QB, LT, DE, CB. Although, with another year, Howard, could prove to be an elite CB.

Rosen will get a season to prove he can be a better option than Tua or whomever breaks away as the top QB prospect, but will have to do it without his start left tackle.

The Dolphins are going to have a very difficult year this year being competitive, but are loaded with draft picks and salary cap room. As things stand, this team needs to get a QB and then a LT in this first round.

2020 NFL Mock Draft

NFL Mock Draft - Minnesota Vikings

23. Minnesota Vikings

AJ Epenesa NFL

2020 NFL Mock Draft Minnesota Vikings:

A.J. Epenesa, DE, Iowa [ View Top Defensive Ends ]

Scouting Report | Highlights

Minnesota looks like they have completed their overhaul in fixing their offensive line and establishing their run game.

The defense has helped this team get wins over the last few years, but they have some positions that they need to replenish. Specifically, they really need to add another star to their secondary.

The Vikings do very well against the pass when all of their players are healthy, but that isn’t the case that often. By adding another elite prospect, it will give them the insurance against an injury causing major breakdowns.

2020 NFL Mock Draft

NFL Mock Draft - Kansas City Chiefs

24. Kansas City Chiefs

Curtis Weaver NFL

2020 NFL Mock Draft Kansas City Chiefs:

Curtis Weaver, DE/OLB, Boise State [ View Top Defensive Ends / Outside Linebackers ]

Scouting Report | Highlights

The offensive for the Chiefs is as close to complete as you can expect in the NFL. They have a record setting QB, weapons at WR, TE, and RB.

What is concerning about them is that their defense is undergoing about as drastic a turnaround as you can expect. They are going from a 2-gapping 3-4 to an attacking 4-3, and that means a complete overhaul on their defensive line and with their linebackers.

Look for the Chiefs to hit their front seven hard in free agency and in the draft.

2020 NFL Mock Draft

NFL Mock Draft - Miami Dolphins

25. Miami Dolphins (from Houston)

Julian Okwara NFL

2020 NFL Mock Draft Miami Dolphins:

Julian Okwara, DE/OLB, Notre Dame [ View Top Defensive Ends ]

Scouting Report | Highlights

The Dolphins have no star players at any of the 4 key positions. They have to find some elite talent early in this draft.

2020 NFL Mock Draft

NFL Mock Draft Buffalo Bills

26. Buffalo Bills

CeedDee Lamb NFL

2020 NFL Mock Draft Buffalo Bills:

CeeDee Lamb, WR, Oklahoma [ View Top Wide Receivers ]

Scouting Report | Highlights

The Bills have a very good to excellent defense, and a very exciting young QB. They spent a lot of time, energy and resources on building their offensive line, but the results haven’t been seen as of yet.

What the Bills haven’t had in years is a quality wide receiving core. They brought in a couple of proven vets, but need a young start WR that can be a true #1.

2020 NFL Mock Draft

NFL Mock Draft - Green Bay Packers

27. Green Bay Packers

2020 NFL Mock Draft

2020 NFL Mock Draft Green Bay Packers:

Tyler Biadasz, C, Wisconsin [ View Top Centers ]

Scouting Report | Highlights

Green Bay has really done a nice job on rebuilding their defense the last few years. The defense has been holding them back for awhile, and if that is solved, they can again begin to restock talent on the offensive side of the ball.

They have two needs that jump out immediately… more “power” on the interior offensive line, so they can establish a power run game, and they could perhaps use a true #2 WR.

2020 NFL Mock Draft

NFL Mock Draft - New Orleans Saints

28. New Orleans Saints

Kenneth Murray NFL

2020 NFL Mock Draft Los Angeles Chargers:

Kenneth Murray, LB, Oklahoma [ View Top Inside Linebackers , View Top Outside Linebackers]

Scouting Report | Highlights

New Orleans will have to find out who their QB of the future will be, and start working on developing that player now. Perhaps that player is already on their roster.

In the short term, this team is making a full on drive to win now. This could be the case for the next year or two. In terms of that, they they need to have more players on their defensive line. Recently, they have been hit by an injury or two and have not had the depth to recover from those injuries.

2020 NFL Mock Draft

NFL Mock Draft - New England Patriots

29. New England Patriots

Raekwon Davis NFL

2020 NFL Mock Draft New England Patriots:

Raekwon Davis, DT/DE, Alabama [ View Top Defensive Tackles / Defensive Ends ]

Scouting Report | Highlights

The Patriots love to use their tight ends in not only 12 personnel, but in many different ways to keep defenses guessing. The issue is that they have had injury (among other) problems in keeping two healthy, talented tight ends on the roster at the same time.

That being said, look for the Pats to find a tight end after the first round. They have a specific type they are looking for, and believe they can find and mold one into their ideal type player.

What the Patriots do well is to constantly rotate their front seven players. They rarely give out big contracts there, and are always finding players in the draft that they can pay on the cheap.

2020 NFL Mock Draft

NFL Mock Draft - San Francisco 49ers

30. San Francisco 49ers

Yetur Gross-Matos NFL

2020 NFL Draft San Fracisco 49ers:

Yetur Gross-Matos, DE, Penn State [ View Top Defensive Ends ]

Scouting Report | Highlights

The 49ers have perhaps the most talented defensive line in the NFL. They also have playmakers on the offensive side of the ball, and a proven offensive system.

What they don’t have is certainty at the QB position, and need some help in their secondary. The season will provide answers in terms of their QB. They will either have a healthy, effective QB, or will be searching for one early in this draft.

Most likely, they can keep their QB healthy, and will have the luxury of addressing their secondary early.

2020 NFL Mock Draft

NFL Mock Draft - Baltimore Ravens

31. Baltimore Ravens

2019 NFL Mock Draft - Trey Adams

2020 NFL Mock Draft Baltimore Ravens:

Trey Adams, OT, Washington [ View Top Offensive Tackles ]

Scouting Report | Highlights

The Ravens have build an offense around speed… speed at WR, at QB, and even drafted a super speedy RB. The problem with speed centric offenses in the NFL, is that they break down quickly and easily.

They have some talent on the offensive line, but need to have a truly elite offensive line to hope to keep their offense clicking.

The Ravens got to the playoffs off of the best defense in the league. They then let their best defensive player leave in free agency. They very well might need to also address the linebacker position in the next draft early.

2020 NFL Mock Draft

NFL Mock Draft - Seattle Seahawks

32. Seattle Seahawks

Paulson Adebo NFL

2020 NFL Mock Draft Seattle Seahawks:

Paulson Adebo, CB, Stanford [ View Top Cornerbacks ]

Scouting Report | Highlights

If the draft were held today, and it fell exactly how the Seahawks would like for it to, they would be picking up the best wide receiver available.

However, Seattle lets the draft fall to them, so in any mock draft it is best to just assume that they will go after the best player on the board.

Moreover, drafting a WR in the first round is a sketchy proposition. With spread offenses taking over the college game, their are quality prospects available throughout the draft.

Finally, Seattle has gone to two Superbowls without spending resources on a WR. Even though it is their biggest need, don’t think they will reach for one early.

2020 NFL Mock Draft

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  1. Do not be fooled, the Vikings have not fixed the Oline. They are scheming to get by, pick 1 should be a QB of the future to alleviate Cap issues with Cousins, or the best OT available around pick 24

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