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2020 NFL Draft Prospect Rankings:

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2020 NFL Mock Draft

NFL Mock Draft - Philadelphia Eagles

21. Philadelphia Eagles

Justin Jefferson NFL

Justin Jefferson, WR, LSU

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Unless a trade is made before the draft, this is one of the more obvious draft spots, matching position to need. Has to be WR. It is difficult to assess which one they will like most, as the “supply” of prospects will be bountiful.

2020 NFL Mock Draft

NFL Mock Draft - Minnesota Vikings22. Minnesota Vikings (from Buffalo)

Kenneth Murray NFL

Kenneth Murray, ILB, Oklahoma

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The Vikings have an interesting draft after obtaining a bunch of picks for Diggs. So, their draft board will play a huge part in who they go after with their two first round picks. They can move off of reaching for need and looking to see who is still on the board in terms of talent. Murray is an incredible talent with off the charts leadership skills and effort.

2020 NFL Mock Draft

NFL Mock Draft - New England Patriots

23. New England Patriots

Jordan Love NFL

Jordan Love, QB, Utah State

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Really believe that the Patriots will take a look at draft Jalen Hurts, but if Jordan Love is still available in the first, this will be a very interesting draft pick.

2020 NFL Mock Draft

NFL Mock Draft - New Orleans Saints

24. New Orleans Saints

K'Lavon Chaisson NFL

K’Lavon Chaisson, OLB, LSU

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Even after the Sanders signing, wide receiver could be a pick here. Their need at WR moves down the list a bit, and in the first round they can be more free now to go after the best player available. They will want to do whatever they can to shut down the three other QB’s in their division.

2020 NFL Mock Draft

NFL Mock Draft - Minnesota Vikings

25. Minnesota Vikings

Noah Igbinoghene NFL

Noah Igbinoghene, CB, Auburn

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The Vikings could look at WR here, but this is a deep draft for that position, and they did see some important losses on defense. This is a defensive minded head coach that wants to run the ball on offense first. Corner should be a top priority.

NFL Mock Draft - Detroit Lions26. Detroit Lions (from Houston from Miami in projected trade)

Zack Baun NFL

Zack Baun, OLB, Wisconsin

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The Lions went all in on a defensive rebuild in free agency that better matched the types of prospect profiles that Patricia had in NE. Yes, they went directly the source for three of those prospects, but also grabbed two DT’s that can clog up the middle. They will be truly versatile between 3 and 4 man fronts, and still need the players to pull that off.

2020 NFL Mock Draft

NFL Mock Draft - Seattle Seahawks

27. Seattle Seahawks

Xavier McKinney NFL

Xavier McKinney, S, Alabama

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The Seahawks are finishing up a roster overhaul that took several years. Key to that is a secondary that can shut down opposing teams passing game. A few more pieces are still needed for that.

2020 NFL Mock Draft

NFL Mock Draft - Baltimore Ravens

28. Baltimore Ravens

AJ Epenesa NFL

A.J. Epenesa, DE, Iowa

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The Ravens added two big bodies to their defensive line, and can take advantage of that with an infusion of youth on the edge.

2020 NFL Mock Draft

NFL Mock Draft - Tennessee Titans

29. Tennessee Titans

Yetur Gross-Matos NFL

Yetur Gross-Matos, DE, Penn State

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Tennessee has gotten to that spot where they don’t have to go out and over spend in free agency or reach in the draft. That being said, they really will be hoping that one of the better DE’s are available when they pick here.

2020 NFL Mock Draft

NFL Mock Draft - Green Bay Packers

30. Green Bay Packers

Patrick Queen, ILB, LSU

Patrick Queen, ILB, LSU

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The Packers lost some quality linebackers in free agency, but sign one in return. They really improved their defense, and are still in the midst of that turnover. This has been led by excellent linebacker play, but they could use a playmaker that can work sideline to sideline.

2020 NFL Mock Draft

NFL Mock Draft - San Francisco 49ers

31. San Francisco 49ers

Kristian Fulton NFL

Kristian Fulton, CB, LSU

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The 49ers get a dominant and cheap DT with their first pick, but still have a need a corner. They could use some young talent in their secondary so that they don’t lose the momentum they have built last year.

2020 NFL Mock Draft

NFL Mock Draft - Kansas City Chiefs

32. Kansas City Chiefs

D’Andre Swift Georgia

D’Andre Swift, RB, Georgia

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With a solid offensive line and a creative, wide open passing game, the Chiefs quietly built an effective run game later in the year last year. Yes, the Superbowl consisted of running backs that weren’t high draft picks, but when a super talented one is available, they very well might throw in a wrinkle that will be a nightmare for defenses.

2020 NFL Mock Draft

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  1. Do not be fooled, the Vikings have not fixed the Oline. They are scheming to get by, pick 1 should be a QB of the future to alleviate Cap issues with Cousins, or the best OT available around pick 24

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